What is a Beach Sculpted Pool?

Imagine a picturesque beachfront with shallow sandbars that gradually give way to calming waters as you slip your toes into the water. Now imagine this gorgeous landscape is located just outside the door of your home. Beach-entry pools offer a relaxing sanctuary with shoreline sunbathing, a safe place for children to play, and truly remarkable natural landscapes you simply cannot find in a traditional swimming pool. Interested in learning more about a beach-entry pool? Below you’ll learn all about the unique characteristics of these impressive pools.

Unlimited Customization

BioDesign PoolsUnlike traditional swimming pools, a beach-entry pool lets you create a truly one-of-a-kind aquatic oasis that’s perfectly integrated into your landscape. You can choose from an expressive palette of stunning natural colors that blend beautifully into any outdoor environment. Natural stone such as quartz or marble does an impeccable job of replicating exotic white sand or even the green of alpine lakes. Modeled with beaches, customized submerged seating areas, and swimming zones — beach-entry pools are personalized to your needs as well as the surrounding landscape. Better still, the specialized construction process uses natural materials which significantly reduce harmful environmental impact.

Zero-Depth Entry

Zero Depth PoolZero-depth entry pools are pools with one or more sides that gradually slope to transition from land to water. The overall goal of this design is to simulate the natural cascade of a beach downward into the water. More and more pool designs are incorporating this feature for its ease of entry and its attractive design. Instead of diving in or climbing down a pool ladder, you can gradually transition into the water – great for comfort and for those who need extra assistance. Due to its design, zero-depth entry pools have warm, shallow water to enjoy. This makes them excellent for sunbathing on a hot day without completely submersing yourself in the water.

Less-Expensive Installation

Pool Installation CostThrough the reduced invasiveness of the installation process, all nearby aspects of your landscape remain preserved which can save you money compared to installing a traditional pool. Due to the use of natural materials, it’s simple to make design changes on the fly. Traditional pools using fiberglass or liners make these changes impossible. Gunite, a material used in the construction of a traditional pool, also lacks the strength and longevity of natural materials found in beach-entry pools such as quartz. Eco-friendly, versatile, and cost efficient — it’s easy to see why beach-entry pools are rapidly growing in popularity.

Fast Pool Installation

Custom Pool DesignsQuick installation is yet another reason to choose a beach-entry pool. Traditional pool installation can often take as long as two or three MONTHS to complete. A beach-entry pool on the other hand can be completed in as little as 14 working DAYS with good weather. It’s possible to begin construction in early spring and be swimming by month’s end. You’ll spend less time waiting on installation and more time enjoying your new aquatic landscape.

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